Exodus 31

Coverdale(i) 1 And the LORDE spake vnto Moses, & saide: 2 I haue called by name Bezaleel the sonne of Vri ye sonne of Hur, of ye trybe of Iuda, 3 and haue fylled him with ye sprete of God, with wysdome and vnderstodynge and knowlege, and to worke 4 with all maner of connynge worke, in golde, syluer, brasse, 5 to graue stones connyngly, and to set them, to carue well in tymbre, and to make all maner worke. 6 And beholde, I haue geuen him Ahaliab the sonne of Ahisamach of the trybe of Dan, to be his companyon, and haue geuen wysdome in to the hertes of all that are wyse, that they shall make all that I haue commaunded the: 7 the Tabernacle of wytnesse, the Arke of wytnesse, the Mercyseate theron, and all the ornamentes of ye Tabernacle: 8 the table and his apparell, the candilsticke and all his apparell, the altare of incense, 9 the altare of burntofferynges wt all his apparell, the lauer with his fote, 10 the mynistrynge vestimentes of Aaron ye prest, and the garmentes of his sonnes to serue like prestes, 11 the anoyntinge oyle, and the incese of spyces for ye Sactuary. All that I haue commaunded the, shal they make. 12 And the LORDE talked vnto Moses, and sayde: 13 Speake vnto the children of Israel, and saye: Kepe my Sabbath, for it is a token betwene me and you, and youre posterities, that ye maye knowe, how that I am the LORDE which haloweth you: 14 therfore kepe my Sabbath, for it shalbe holy vnto you. Who so vnhaloweth it, shall dye the death: For who so doth eny worke therin, shalbe roted out from amonge his people. 15 Sixe dayes shall men worke, but vpon the seuenth daye is the Sabbath the holy rest of the LORDE. Who so doth eny worke vpon the Sabbath daye, shall dye the death. 16 Therfore shal the children of Israel kepe the Sabbath, that they maye kepe it also amonge their posterities for an euerlastynge couenaunt. 17 An euerlastynge token is it betwixte me and the children of Israel. For in sixe dayes made the LORDE heaue & earth, but vpon ye seuenth daye he rested, and was refreshed. 18 And whan the LORDE had made an ende of talkinge with Moses vpon the mount Sinai, he gaue him two tables of witnesse, which were of stone, and wrytten with the fynger of God.