Exodus 26:31-35

Coverdale(i) 31 And thou shalt make a vayle of yalow sylke, scarlet, purple, & whyte twyned sylke. And Cherubyns shalt thou make theron of broderd worke, 32 and shalt hange it vpon foure pilers of Fyrre tre which are ouerlayed with golde, hauynge knoppes of golde, and foure sokettes of syluer. 33 And the vayle shalt thou festen with buttons, and set the Arke of wytnesse within the vayle, that it maye be vnto you a difference betwixte the holy and the Most holy. 34 And thou shalt set the Mercy seate vpon the Arke of wytnesse in the Most holy. 35 But set the table without the vayle, and the candelsticke ouer agaynst ye table vpon ye south syde of the Tabernacle, that the table maie stonde on the north syde.