Exodus 25:23-30

Coverdale(i) 23 Thou shalt make a table also of Fyrre tre, two cubites longe, and one cubyte brode, and a cubyte and a half hye, 24 and ouerlaye it with pure golde, and make a crowne of golde rounde aboute it, 25 and an whope of an hade brede hye, and a crowne of golde vnto ye whope rounde aboute. 26 And vnto it thou shalt make foure rynges of golde, on the foure corners in the foure fete of it: 27 harde vnder the whope shall ye rynges be, to put in staues and to beare the table wt all: 28 and thou shalt make the staues of Fyrre tre, & ouerlaye them with golde, yt the table maye be borne therwith. 29 Thou shalt make also his disshes, spones, pottes, and flat peces of pure golde, to poure out and in. 30 And vpon the table thou shalt all waye set shewbred before me.