Exodus 23:14-17

Coverdale(i) 14 Thre tymes in the yeare 15 shalt thou kepe feast vnto me: namely the feast of vnleuended bred shalt thou kepe, that thou eate vnleuended bred seuen dayes ( like as I commaunded ye) in the tyme of ye moneth Abib, for in the same wentest thou out of Egipte. (But appeare not emptye before me.) 16 And ye feast whan thou first reapest thy labours, yt thou hast sowen vpon the felde. And the feast of ingatherynge in the ende of ye yeare, whan thou hast gathered in thy laboures out of the felde. 17 Thre tymes in the yeare shal euery male that thou hast, appeare before the LORDE the Gouernoure.