Exodus 23:1-7

Coverdale(i) 1 Thou shalt not accepte a vayne tale, that thou woldest manteyne the vngodly, and be a false wytnesse. 2 Thou shalt not folowe the multitude vnto euell, ner answere at the lawe that thou woldest (to folowe the multitude) turne a syde from the right. 3 Thou shalt not paynte a poore mas cause. 4 Yf thou mete thine enemies oxe or Asse, goinge astraye, thou shalt brynge the same vnto him agayne. 5 Yf thou se the Asse of him that hateth the, lye vnder his burthen, thou shalt not let him lye, but shalt helpe him vp. 6 Thou shalt not wraist the righte of thy poore in his cause. 7 Kepe the farre from false matters. The innocent and righteous shalt thou not sley, for I iustifie not ye vngodly.