Exodus 16

Coverdale(i) 1 From Elim they toke their iourney, and the whole congregacion of the children of Israel came in to the wyldernesse of Sin (which lyeth betwene Elim and Sinai) vpon the fyftene daye of the seconde moneth, after that they were departed out of the londe of Egipte. 2 And ye whole multitude of the children of Israel murmured agaynst Moses and Aaron in ye wildernes, 3 and saide vnto them: Wolde God we had dyed in the londe of Egipte by the hande of the LORDE, whan we sat by ye flesh pottes, and had bred ynough to eate: for ye haue brought vs out in to this wyldernes, to cause this whole multitude dye of honger. 4 The sayde ye LORDE vnto Moses: beholde I wyl rayne you bred from heauen, and let the people go out, and gather daylie, what they nede, that I maye proue whether they walke in my lawe or not. 5 But vpon the sixte daye they shal prepare the selues, that they maye brynge in twyse as moch as they gather daylie. 6 Moses and Aaron saide vnto all the children of Israel: At euen ye shall knowe, that the LORDE hath brought you out of the lode of Egipte, 7 and in the mornynge shall ye se the glory of the LORDE: for he hath herde youre grudginges agaynst the LORDE. For what are we, that ye grudge agaynst vs? 8 Moses sayde morouer: At euen shall the LORDE geue you flesh to eate, and in the mornynge bred ynough: because ye LORDE hath herde youre grudginges, that ye haue grudged agaynst him. For what are we? Youre murmuringe is not agaynst vs, but against the LORDE. 9 And Moses sayde vnto Aaron: Speake vnto the whole multitude of ye children of Israel: Come forth before the LORDE, for he hath herde youre murmuringes. 10 And whyle Aaron spake thus vnto the whole congegacion of the childre of Israel, they turned them towarde the wyldernes: and beholde, the glory of the LORDE appeared in a cloude, 11 and the LORDE sayde vnto Moses: 12 I haue herde the murmuringe of ye children of Israel. Tell them: At euen shall ye haue flesh to eate, and in the mornynge shal ye be fylled with bred, & ye shall knowe, that I am the LORDE youre God. 13 And at euen the quayles came vp, and couered the tentes: and in the mornynge the dewe laye rounde aboute the tentes. 14 And whan the dew was falle, beholde, there laye a thinge in the wildernes, thynne and small, as the horefrost vpon the grounde. 15 And whan the children of Israel sawe it, they saide one to another: This is Ma. For they wyst not what it was. But Moses sayde vnto them: It is the bred that ye LORDE hath geue you to eate. 16 This is it that ye LORDE hath commauded: Euery one gather for himself as moch as he eateth, and take a Gomor for euery heade, acordinge to the nombre of the soules in his tente. 17 And the children of Israel dyd so, and gathered some more, some lesse. 18 But whan it was measured out with ye Gomor, he that gathered moch, had not the more: and he yt gathered litle, wanted nothinge, but euery one gathered for himself, as moch as he ate. 19 And Moses sayde vnto them: Let no ma leaue ought therof vntyll the mornynge. 20 But they harkened not vnto Moses. And some left of it vntill the morninge. Then waxed it full of wormes and stanke. And Moses was angrie at them. 21 And euery mornynge they gathered for them selues, as moch as euery one ate: but as soone as it was whote of the Sonne, it melted awaye. 22 And vpon the sixte daye they gathered twyse as moch of bred, two Gomors for one. And all the rulers of the congregacio came in, and tolde Moses. 23 And he sayde vnto them: This is it, that the LORDE hath sayde: Tomorow is the Sabbath of the holy rest of the LORDE: loke what ye wil bake, that bake: and what ye wyll seeth, that seeth and that remayneth ouer, let it remayne, yt it maye be kepte vntyll the morynynge. 24 And they let it remayne tyll the morow, as Moses commaunded. Then stanke it not, nether was there eny worme therin. 25 The sayde Moses: Eate that to daye, for to daye is ye Sabbath of the LORDE, to daye shal ye fynde none in the felde. 26 Sixe dayes shall ye gather it, but the seuenth daye is the Sabbath, wherin there shal be none. 27 But vpon the seuenth daye there wente out some of the people to gather, and founde nothinge. 28 Then sayde ye LORDE vnto Moses: How longe refuse ye to kepe my commaundementes and lawes? 29 Beholde, ye LORDE hath geuen you the Sabbath, therfore vpon the sixte daye he geueth you bred for two dayes: therfore let euery man now byde at home, and noman go forth of his place vpon the seuenth daye. 30 So the people rested vpo ye seuenth daye. 31 And the house of Israel called it Man, and it was like Coriander sede, and whyte, & had a taist like symnels with hony. 32 And Moses sayde: This is it that ye LORDE hath commaunded: Fill a Gomor therof to be kepte for youre posterities, yt they maye se the bred, wherwith I fed you, whan I brought you out of ye lande of Egipte. 33 And Moses sayde vnto Aaron: Take a cruse, and put a Gomor full of Man therin, and laye it vp before the LORDE, to be kepte for youre posterities, 34 as the LORDE commaunded Moses. So Aaron layed it vp there for a testimony to be kepte. 35 And the children of Israel ate man fourtye yeares, tyll they came vnto a lande, where people dwelt: euen vntyll they came to ye borders of the lande of Canaan ate they Man. 36 A Gomor is the tenth parte of an Epha.