Exodus 12:21-28

Coverdale(i) 21 And Moses called all the Elders of Israel, and sayde vnto them: Chose out, and take to euery housholde a shepe, and kyll Passeouer vnto the LORDE: 22 and take a bunch of ysope, and dyppe it in the bloude in the basen, and stryke it vpon the vpperposte and vpon the two syde postes, and none of you go out at the dore of his house vntyll ye mornynge, 23 for the LORDE wyll go aboute and plage the Egipcians. And whan he seyth the bloude vpo the vpperposte, and vpon the two syde postes, he wyl passe ouer by the dore, and not suffre the destroyer to come in to youre houses to plage. 24 Therfore kepe this custome for the and thy children for euer. 25 And whan ye be come into ye londe that the LORDE shal geue you, (as he hath sayde) then kepe this seruyce. 26 And whan youre children saye vnto you: What seruyce is this, that ye haue? 27 Ye shal saye: It is the sacrifice of the LORDES Passeouer, which passed ouer by the children of Israel in Egipte, whan he plaged the Egipcians, and saued oure houses. Then the people bowed them selues, and worshipped. 28 And the children of Israel wente and dyd, as the LORDE had commaunded Moses and Aaron.