Ephesians 2:13-22

Coverdale(i) 13 But now ye that be in Christ Iesu, and afore tyme were farre of, are now made nye by the bloude of Christ. 14 For he is or peace, which of both hath made one, and hath broken downe the wall, that was a stoppe betwene vs, 15 and hath also thorow his flesh put awaye the cause off hatred (namely the lawe of the commaundemetes contayned in the lawe wrytten) that of twayne he mighte create one new man in him selfe, and make peace, 16 and to reconcyle both vnto God in one body thorow the crosse, and so he slewe ye hatred thorow his owne selfe, 17 and came and preached peace in the Gospell, vnto you which were afarre of, and to the that were nye. 18 For thorow him we both haue intraunce in one sprete vnto the father. 19 Now therfore ye are nomore gestes and straungers, but citesins with the sayntes, & of the housholde of God, 20 buylded vpon ye foundacion of ye Apostles and prophetes where Iesus Christ is ye heade corner stone 21 in whom euery buyldinge coupled together, groweth to an holy temple in the LODRE, 22 in whom ye also are buylded together, to be an habitacion of God in the sprete.