Ecclesiastes 11

Coverdale(i) 1 Sende thy vytayles ouer the waters, and so shalt thou fynde the after many yeares. 2 Geue it awaye amonge seuen or eight, for thou knowest not what misery shal come vpo earth. 3 Whe the cloudes are full, they poure out rayne vpon the earth. And whe ye tre falleth, (whether it be towarde the south or north) in what place so euer it fall, there it lyeth. 4 He that regardeth ye wynde, shal not sowe: and he that hath respecte vnto the cloudes, shal not reape. 5 Now like as thou knowest not the waye of the wynde, ner how ye bones are fylled in a mothers wombe: Euen so thou knowest not the workes of God, which is the workemaster of all. 6 Cease not thou therfore with thy handes to sowe thy sede, whether it be in ye mornynge or in the euenynge: for thou knowest not whether this or that shall prospere, & yf they both take, it is the better. 7 The light is swete, & a pleasaunt thinge is it for the eyes to loke vpon the Sonne. 8 Yf a man lyue many yeares, and be glad in them all, let him remembre the dayes of darcknesse, which shalbe many: & when they come, all thinges shalbe but vanite. 9 Be glad then (O thou yonge man) in thy youth, and lat thine hert be mery in thy yonge dayes: folowe the wayes of thine owne hert, and the lust of thine eyes: but be thou sure, that God shal bringe the in to iudgment for all these thinges. 10 Pvt awaye displeasure out of yi hert, & remoue euell from thy body: for childehode and youth is but vanite.