Deuteronomy 9:21-24

Coverdale(i) 21 As for youre synne (namely, the calfe that ye had made) I toke it, and burnt it with the fyre, and smote it a sunder, & grynde it in peces, euen vnto dust, and cast the dust in to the broke that descended from the mount. 22 Ye displeased the LORDE also, at Tabera, and at Massa, and at the lustgraues, 23 and wha he sent you from Cades Barnea, and sayde: Go vp, and conquere the londe which I haue geuen you. And ye were disobedient vnto the mouth of the LORDE youre God, and beleued not on him, and herkened not vnto his voyce: 24 for ye haue bene disobediet vnto the LORDE, as longe as I haue knowne you.