Deuteronomy 4:32-35

Coverdale(i) 32 For axe after the tymes past, which haue bene before the, sens the daie yt God created man vpon earth, from one ende of the heaue vnto the other, whether there was euer eny soch greate thinge done, or eny soch like herde, 33 that a people hath herde ye voyce of God speake out of the fyre (as thou hast herde) & yet liued. 34 Or whether God assaied to go & take vnto him a people out of ye myddes of a nacion, thorow tentacions, thorow tokens, thorow wonders, thorow warre, & thorow a mightie hande, & thorow a stretched out arme, and thorow greate visios, acordinge vnto all as the LORDE youre God hath done with you in Egipte before thine eyes. 35 Thou hast sene it yt thou mightest knowe that the LORDE is God, and that there is none other but he onely.