Deuteronomy 32:8-14

Coverdale(i) 8 Whan the most Hyghest deuyded ye nacions and scatred the children of men. Then set he the borders of the nacions acordinge to the nombre of the children of Israel. 9 For the LORDES parte is his folke, Iacob is the meetlyne of his enheritaunce. 10 He founde him in the wyldernesse, euen in the drye deserte where he roared. He led him aboute, and gaue him vnderstondinge: He kepte him as the aple of his eye. 11 As an Aegle stereth vp hir nest, and flotereth ouer hir yonge: Euen so stretched he out his fethers, and toke him and bare him on his wynges. 12 The LORDE onely was his gyde, & there was no straunge God with him. 13 He caried him ouer ye heigth of the earth, and fed him with the increase of the felde. He caused him sucke hony out of the rocke, and oyle out of the harde stone. 14 Butter of the kyne, and mylke of the shepe, with the fat of the lambes, and rammes of the sonnes of Basan, and he goates with the fat of the kydneys, and wheate: And gaue him drynke of the very bloude of grapes.