Deuteronomy 21:10-14

Coverdale(i) 10 Wha thou goest forth to warre against thine enemies, & the LORDE thy God delyuereth them in to thine handes, so that thou cariest awaye their presoners, 11 and seist amoge the captyues a bewtyfull woman, & hast a desyre vnto her to take her to thy wife, 12 the brynge her home to thine house, and let her shaue hir heade, and pare hir nayles, 13 and put of hir clothes that she was taken presoner in, and let her sit in thine house, and mourne for hir father and mother a moneth longe after that lye with her, and mary her, and let her be thy wife. 14 But yf thou haue no fauoure vnto her, then shalt thou let her go whither she wyll, and not to sell her, ner to make cheuesaunce of her, because thou hast dishonoured her.