Deuteronomy 1:13-17

Coverdale(i) 13 Prouyde here men of wysdome & vnderstondinge, soch as are knowne amonge youre trybes, the wil I set to be heades vnto you. 14 Then answered ye me, and sayde: It is a good thinge, that thou sayest thou wilt do. 15 Then toke I ye heades of youre trybes, wyse and famous me, and set them ouer you to be heades, ouer thousandes, ouer hundreds, ouer fiftye and ouer ten: and officers amonge youre trybes. 16 And I charged your iudges at ye same tyme, & sayde: Heare youre brethre, & iudge righteously betwene euery man and his brother, and the straunger. 17 Ye shall knowe no personne in iudgment, but shall heare the small as well as the greate, and be afrayed of no man: for the Iudgment is Gods. But yf eny cause be to harde for you, let it be broughte vnto me, yt I maye heare it.