Deuteronomy 15

Coverdale(i) 1 In the seueth yeare shalt thou make a Fre yeare. This is ye maner of the Fre yeare. 2 Who so euer ledeth oughte with his hande vnto his neghboure, shal not requyre it of his neghboure or his brother: for it is called the Fre yeare vnto the LORDE. 3 Of a strauger mayest thou requyre it: but vnto him that is thy brother, shalt thou remytte it. 4 There shall be no begger amoge you: for the LORDE shal blesse ye in the lode which the LORDE yi God shal geue ye to inheritaunce to take it in possession, 5 onely yt thou herke vnto the voyce of the LORDE yi God, & kepe all these comaundemetes which I comaunde the this daye, 6 that thou maiest do therafter. For the LORDE yi God shal blesse the, as he hath promysed the. The shalt thou lende vnto many nacions, & shalt borowe of noman. Thou shalt raigne ouer many nacions, & noman shal reigne ouer ye. 7 Whan one of thy brethre is waxed poore in eny cite within thy londe, which ye LORDE yi God shal geue ye, thou shalt not harden thine hert, ner withdrawe thine hande from thy poore brother: 8 but shalt open thine hande vnto him, and lende him, acordinge as he hath nede. 9 Bewarre, that there be not a poynte of Belial in thine hert, that thou woldest saye: The seuenth yeare, the yeare of Fredome is at honde. For yf thou lokest not fredly vpo thy poore brother, and geuest him nothinge then shall he crye ouer the vnto the LORDE, and it shall be synne vnto the: 10 But thou shalt geue him, and let it not greue thine hert that thou geuest him. For because of it, shall the LORDE thy God blesse the in all thy workes, and in all that thou puttest thine hande vnto. 11 The londe shal neuer be without poore, therfore commaunde I the and saye, that thou open thine hande vnto thy brother, which is neady and poore in thy londe. 12 Yf thy brother an Hebrue or Hebruesse be solde vnto the, he shal serue the sixe yeare, in the seuenth yeare shalt thou let him go Fre. 13 And wha thou deliuerest him fre, thou shalt not let him go from the emptye, 14 but shalt geue him of thy shepe, of thy corne, and of yi wyne, so that thou geue him of that, which the LORDE thy God hath blessed the withall. 15 And remembre that thou also wast a seruaunte in the lode of Egipte, and how that the LORDE thy God delyuered the, therfore commaunde I the this thinge to daye. 16 But yf he saye vnto the: I wyll not go out awaye from the, for I loue ye and thine house (in so moch as he is well at ease with the) 17 then take a botkyn, and bore him thorow his eare to the dore, and let him be thy seruaunt for euer. And with thy mayde shalt thou do likewyse. 18 And let it not seme greuous vnto the, to let him go fre from the (for he hath serued the sixe yeares as a dubble hyred seruaunt) then shall the LORDE thy God blesse the in all that thou doest. 19 All the first borne that come of thine oxen and shepe, yt are males, shalt thou halowe vnto the LORDE thy God. Thou shalt not plowe with the firstborne of thine oxe, and shalt not clyppe the firstborne of thy shepe: 20 Before the LORDE thy God shalt thou eate the euery yeare, in the place that the LORDE choseth, thou and thine housholde. 21 But yf it haue a deformyte, so that it is lame or blynde, or hath eny other euell blemysh, thou shalt not offre it vnto ye LORDE thy God, 22 but shalt eate it within thine awne gates) whether thou be vncleane or cleane) euen as the Roo and Hert. 23 Onely se that thou eate not of the bloude therof, but poure it out as water vpon the grounde.