Acts 5:35-39

Coverdale(i) 35 and sayde vnto them: Ye men of Israel, take hede to youre selues, what ye do as touchinge these men. 36 Before these dayes rose vp one Theudas, boostinge himself. (And there cleued vnto him a nobre of me, aboute a foure hundreth) which was slayne, and all they yt enclyned vnto him, were scatred abrode, and brought to naught. 37 After this stode vp Iudas of Galile in ye dayes of trybute, and drewe awaye moch people after him, & he also perished, & all they that enclyned vnto him, are scatred abrode. 38 And now I saye vnto you: refrayne yor selues fro these men, and let the go. Yf this councell or worke be of me, it wil come to naught: 39 but yf it be of God, ye are not able to destroye it, lest ye be founde to be the men, that wil stryue agaynst God.