Acts 4:24-30

Coverdale(i) 24 Wha they herde that, they lifte vp their voyce wt one acorde vnto God, and sayde: LORDE, thou that art the God which made heauen and earth, and the see, and all that therin is thou 25 that by the mouth of Dauid thy seruaut hast sayde: Why do the Heythe rage? and ye people ymagin vayne thinges? 26 The kynges of the earth stonde vp, and the prynces haue gathered them selues together agaynst ye LORDE, and agaynst his. Christ. 27 Of a trueth agaynst thy holy childe Iesus, whom thou hast anoynted, both Herode & Pontius Pilate with the Heythen and people of Israel, haue gathered the selues together, 28 to do what soeuer thy hande and thy councell determyned before to be done. 29 And now LORDE, beholde their threatenynges, and graunte vnto thy seruauntes with all stedfast boldnesse to speake thy worde: 30 and stretch out thine hande, that healinge and tokes and wonders maye be done by the name of thy holy childe Iesus.