Acts 14

Coverdale(i) 1 It fortuned at Iconium, that they wete both together in to the synagoge of the Iewes, and spake so, that a greate multitude of the Iewes & of the Grekes beleued. 2 But the vnbeleuynge Iewes moued and disquyeted the soules of the Heythe agaynst the brethre. 3 So they had their beynge there a loge season, and quyte them selues boldly in the LORDE, which gaue testimony vnto the worde of his grace, and caused tokens and wonders to be done by their handes. 4 Howbeyt the multitude of the cite was deuyded, some helde wt the Iewes, and some with the Apostles. 5 But whan there rose vp an insurreccion of the Heythe and of ye Iewes, and of their rulers, to put them to shame, and to stone the, 6 they perceaued it, and fled vnto lystra and Derba cities of ye countre of Licaonia, and vnto ye region that lyeth rounde aboute, 7 and there they preached the Gospell. 8 And amonge them of Lystra, there was a man, which sat beynge impotent of his fete, and was crepell fro his mothers wombe, and had neuer walked, 9 the same herde Paul speake. And whan he behelde him, and perceaued that he had faith to be made whole, 10 he sayde wt a loude voyce: Stonde vp righte on thy fete. And he sprange vp and walked. 11 But whan the people sawe what Paul had done, they lifte vp their voyce, and sayde in ye speache of Lycaonia: The goddes are become like vnto men, and are come downe vnto vs. 12 And they called Barnabas Iupiter, and Paul Mercurius, because he was the preacher. 13 But Iupiters prest which dwelt before their cite, broughte oxen and garlandes before the gate, and wolde haue done sacrifice with the people. 14 Whan ye Apostles Barnabas and Paul herde that, they rent their clothes, and ranne in amonge the people, cryenge 15 and sayenge: Ye me, Why do ye this? We are mortall me also like vnto you, & preach vnto you ye Gospell, that ye shulde turne from these vayne thinges vnto ye lyuynge God, which made heaue and earth, and the see, and all that therin is, 16 which in tymes past suffred all ye Heythen to walke after their awne wayes. 17 Neuertheles he hath not left hi selfe without wytnesse, in yt he hath shewed his benefites, and geuen vs rayne from heauen, and frutefull seasons, fyllynge oure hertes with fode and gladnesse. 18 And whan they sayde this, they scarse refrayned the people, that they dyd not sacrifice vnto them. 19 But there came thither certayne Iewes from Antioche and Iconiu, and persuaded the people, and stoned Paul, and drue him out of the cite, supposinge he had bene deed. 20 Howbeyt as ye disciples stode rounde aboute him, he rose vp, & came in to the cite. And on the nexte daye he departed with Barnabas vnto Derba, 21 and preached the Gospell vnto the same cite, and taughte many of them. And they wete agayne vnto Lystra, and Iconium and Antioche, 22 strengthinge the soules of ye disciples, and exortinge the to cotynue in the faith: and that we thorow moch tribulacion must entre in to the kyngdome of God. 23 And wha they had ordeyned them Elders by eleccion thorow all the congregacions, they prayed and fasted, and comended them vnto the LORDE, on whom they beleued. 24 And they wente thorow Pisidia, and came to Pamphilia, 25 and spake the worde at Perga, and wete downe to Attalia, 26 and fro thence departed they by shippe vnto Antioche: from whence they were delyuered to the grace of God vnto ye worke, which they had fulfylled. 27 Whan they came there, they gathered the congregacion together, & shewed them, how greate thinges God had done with the, and how he had opened the dore of faithe vnto the Heithen. 28 And there they abode a longe tyme with the disciples.