Acts 11

Coverdale(i) 1 The Apostles and the brethren that were in Iewrye, herde saye, that the Heythen also had receaued the worde of God. 2 And whan Peter was come vp to Ierusalem, they that were of the circucision, chode with him, 3 and sayde: Thou wentest in to men that are vncircumcysed, and hast eaten with them. 4 But Peter beganne, and expounded the thinge in order vnto the and sayde: 5 I was in ye cite of Ioppa prayege, and in a traunce I sawe a vision, a vessell commynge downe, as it had bene a greate lynnen clothe with foure corners, and let downe from heauen, and came vnto me. 6 Into the which I loked, and considered, and sawe foure foted beestes of the earth, and wylde beestes, and wormes, and foules of the ayre. 7 And I herde a voyce, which sayde vnto me: Ryse Peter, slaye, & eate. 8 But I sayde: Oh no, LORDE, for there neuer entred eny commen or vncleane thinge in to my mouth. 9 Neuertheles the voyce answered me agayne from heauen: What God hath clensed, that call not thou vncleane. 10 This was done thre tymes, and all was taken vp agayne in to heauen. 11 And beholde, immediatly stode there thre men before the dore of the house that I was in, sent from Cesarea vnto me. 12 But the sprete sayde vnto me, that I shulde go with the and doute nothinge. These sixe brethre also came with me, and we entred in to the mas house. 13 And he shewed vs, how he had sene an angell stondinge in his house, which sayde vnto him: Sende men to Ioppa, and call for Simon (whose syrname is Peter) 14 he shal tell ye wordes, wherby thou and all thy house shal be saued. 15 But whan I beganne to speake, the holy goost fell vpo them, like as vpon vs at ye begynnynge. 16 Then thoughte I vpon the worde of the LORDE, how he sayde: Ihon baptysed with water, but ye shalbe baptysed with ye holy goost. 17 For as moch then as God hath geuen them like giftes, as vnto vs, which beleue on the LORDE Iesus Christ, who was I, that I shulde be able to withstode God? 18 Whan they herde this, they helde their peace, and praysed God, and sayde: Then hath God also to the Heithen graunted repentaunce vnto life. 19 They that were scatred abrode thorow ye trouble yt rose aboute Steuen, walked on euerysyde vntyll Phenices, and Cipers, and Antioche, and spake the worde vnto no man but onely vnto ye Iewes. 20 Neuertheles some of the were men of Cipers and Cyren, which came to Antioche, and spake also vnto the Grekes, & preached the Gospell of the LORDE Iesu. 21 And ye hande of the LORDE was with the. And a greate nombre beleued, and turned vnto the LORDE. 22 This tydinges of them came to ye eares of the cogregacion at Ierusalem. And they sent Barnabas, that he shulde go vnto Antioche. 23 Which whan he was come thither, & sawe the grace of God, he was glad, and exorted them all, that with purpose of hert they wolde contynue in the LORDE. 24 For he was a good man, full of the holy goost and faith. And there was a greate multitude of people added vnto the LORDE. 25 But Barnabas departed vnto Tharsus, to seke Saul 26 And wha he had foude hi, he brought hi to Anthioche. It chauced, that a whole yeare they were there couersaunte together in the cogregacio, & taughte moch people, so that the disciples at Antioche were first called Christen. 27 In those dayes came there prophetes fro Ierusalem vnto Antioche. 28 And one of them (whose name was Agabus) stode vp, and declared by the sprete a greate derth, that shulde come ouer the whole compasse of the earth: which came to passe vnder the Emperoure Claudius. 29 But the disciples cocluded (euery one acordinge to his abylite) to sende an handreachinge vnto ye brethren that were in Iewry: 30 which thinge they also dyd, and sent it by the handes of Barnabas and Saul.