2 Timothy 2:3-10

Coverdale(i) 3 Thou therfore suffre affliccion as a good soudyer off Iesu Christ. 4 No ma that warreth, tangleth him selfe with wordly busynesses, & that because he wolde please him, which hath chosen him to be a soudyer. 5 And though a man stryue for a mastrye, yet is he not crowned, excepte he stryue laufully. 6 The hussbandman that laboureth, must first enioye the frutes. 7 Consydre what I saye. The LORDE shal geue the vnderstondynge in all thinges. 8 Remembre that Iesus Christ, beynge of the sede of Dauid, rose agayne fro the deed, acordynge to my Gospell, 9 where in I suffre as an euell doer euen vnto bandes: but the worde of God is not bounde. 10 Therfore suffre I all for the electes sakes, that they also mighte optayne the saluacion in Christ Iesu with eternall glory.