2 Samuel 8

Coverdale(i) 1 And it fortuned after this, yt Dauid smote ye Philistynes, and discomfited them, and toke the brydell of bondage out of the Philistynes hande. 2 He smote the Moabites also to the grounde, so that he broughte two partes of them to death, and let one parte lyue. Thus the Moabites were subdued vnto Dauid, so yt they broughte him giftes. 3 Dauid smote Hadad Eser also the sonne of Rehob kynge of Zoba, whan he wete to fetch his power agayne at ye water Euphrates. 4 And of them toke Dauid a thousande & seuen hundreth horsmen, and twenty thousande fote men, and lamed all the charettes, saue an hundreth which he kepte behynde. 5 But the Siryans came from Damascon to helpe Hadad Eser kynge of Zoba. And Dauid smote two and twentye thousande men of the Syrians, 6 and layed people vnto Damascus in Syria. Thus was Syria subdued vnto Dauid, so that they broughte him giftes: for ye LORDE helped Dauid whither so euer he wente. 7 And Dauid toke ye shyldes of golde, which Hadad Esers seruauntes had, and broughte them to Ierusalem. 8 But from Bethah & Berothai ye cities of Hadad Eser toke Dauid very moch brasse. 9 Whan Thoi the kynge of Hemath herde, that Dauid had smytten all the power of Hadad Eser, 10 he sent his sonne Ioram vnto Dauid to salute him frendly, & to blesse him, because he had foughten with Adad Eser and smytten him (for Thoi had warre with Hadad Eser) and had Iewels with him of syluer, of golde, and of brasse: 11 which kynge Dauid halowed also vnto ye LORDE, with the syluer and golde which he sanctified vnto the LORDE from all the Heythe, whom he subdued, 12 from Siria, fro Moab, from the childre of Ammon, from the Philistynes, fro Amalek, from the spoyle of Hadad Eser ye sonne of Rehob kynge of Zoba. 13 Dauid gat him selfe a name also whan he came, and smote eightene thousande of ye Sirians in ye Salt valley. 14 And he layed people in all Edomea, and all Edem was subdued vnto Dauid: for the LORDE helped Dauid, whither so euer he wente. 15 Thus was Dauid kynge ouer all Israel. And he executed iudgmente and righteousnes vnto all ye people. 16 Ioab ye sonne of Zeru Ia was captayne ouer the hoost. Iosaphat the sonne of Ahilud was Chaunceler. 17 Zadok the sonne of Achitob, & Ahimelech the sonne of Abiathar were prestes. Seraia was Scrybe. 18 Benaia the sonne of Ioiada was ouer ye Chrethians & Plethians. And the sonnes of Dauid were prestes.