2 Samuel 7:1-5

Coverdale(i) 1 Now whan the kynge sat in his house, and the LORDE had geuen him rest from all his enemies on euery syde, 2 he sayde vnto the prophet Nathan: Beholde, I dwell in a house of Cedre, and the Arke of God dwelleth amonge the curtaynes. 3 Nathan sayde vnto the kynge: Go thy waye, what so euer thou hast in thine hert, yt do: for the LORDE is wt the. 4 But the same nighte came ye worde of the LORDE vnto Nathan, & sayde: 5 Go & speake to my seruaut Dauid: Thus sayeth ye LORDE: Shalt thou buylde me an house to dwell in?