2 Samuel 19:30-39

Coverdale(i) 30 Mephiboseth sayde vnto the kynge: Let him take it all, in as moch as my lorde ye kynge is come home in peace. 31 And Barsillai the Gileadite came downe from Roglim, and broughte the kynge ouer Iordane, that he mighte coueye him in Iordane. 32 And Barsillai was very olde, so good as foure score yeare olde, the same had prouyded ye kynge of fode whyle he was at Mahanaim, for he was a very noble man. 33 And the kynge sayde vnto Barsillai: Thou shalt go ouer with me, I wyll take care for the wt myne awne selfe at Ierusalem. 34 But Barsillai sayde vnto the kynge: What haue I yet to lyue, that I shulde go vp to Ierusalem wt the kynge? 35 This daye am I foure score yeare olde. How shulde I knowe what is good or euell, or taist what I eate or drynke, or heare what the Musicians do synge? Why shulde thy seruaunt be chargeable first vnto my lorde the kynge? 36 thy seruaunt shall go a litle with the kynge ouer Iordane. Why wil the kynge recompence me after this maner? 37 Let thy seruaunt turne backe agayne, that I maye dye in my cite besyde my father and my mothers graue. Beholde, there is thy seruaunt Chimeam, let him go ouer with my lorde the kynge, and do vnto him what pleaseth the. 38 The kynge sayde: Chimeam shal go ouer with me, and I wyll do for him what liketh the: and what so euer thou desyrest of me, that wyll I do for the also. 39 And whan all ye people was gone ouer Iordane and the kynge likewyse, the kynge kyssed Barsillai and blessed him, and he turned vnto his place.