2 Kings 23:12-15

Coverdale(i) 12 and the altares vpon the rofe of Achabs perler, which the kynges of Iuda had made. And the altares which Manasses had made in the two courtes of the house of the LORDE, dyd the kynge breake downe. And ranne from thence, and cast the dust of them in to the broke Cedron. 13 And the hye places that were before Ierusalem on the righte hande of Mount Mashith which Salomon the kynge of Israel had buylded vnto Astaroth the abhomynacion of Sidon, and to Camos the abhominacion of Moab, and to Malcom the abhominacion of the children of Ammon, those did the kynge suspende, 14 and brake the pilers, and roted out the groues, and fylled their places with mens bones. 15 And the altare at Bethel, and the hye place that Ieroboam the sonne of Nebat made, which caused Israel to synne, the same altare brake he downe, and the hye place, & brent the hye place, and made it to dust, and brent vp the groue.