2 Kings 19:14-19

Coverdale(i) 14 And whan Ezechias had receaued the letters of the messaungers and had red them, he wente vp vnto the house of the LORDE, and layed them abrode before the LORDE, 15 & made his prayer before the LORDE, and sayde: O LORDE God of Israel, thou that syttest vpo the Cherubins, thou onely art God amonge all ye kyngdomes of the earth, thou hast made heauen and earth. 16 Enclyne thine eare O LORDE, and heare: open thine eyes, and beholde, and heare the wordes of Sennacherib, which hath sent hither to blaspheme the lyuynge God. 17 It is true (O LORDE) that the kynges of Assiria haue destroyed the Heythen and their londe with the swerde, 18 and haue cast their goddes in the fyre: for they were not Goddes, but ye worke of mes hondes, wodd and stone, therfore haue they destroyed them. 19 But now O LORDE helpe thou vs out of his hande, that all the kyngdomes vpon earth maye knowe, that thou LORDE art God alone.