2 Kings 11

Coverdale(i) 1 Athalia the mother of Ochosias, wha she sawe that hir sonne was deed, gat her vp, and destroyed all the kynges sede. 2 But Ioseba kynge Iorams doughter the syster of Ochosias, toke Ioas the sonne of Ochosias and stale him awaye with his norse in the chamber from amonge the kynges children which were slayne, and she hyd him from Athalia, so that he was not slayne. 3 And he was hyd with her in the house of the LORDE sixe yeares. But Athalia was quene in the londe. 4 Neuertheles in the seuenth yeare sent Ioiada, and toke the rulers ouer hudreds with the captaynes and fote men, and caused the to come to him in to the house of the LORDE and made a couenaunt with them, and toke an ooth of them in the house of the LORDE, and shewed them the kynges sonne, 5 and comaunded them, and sayde: This is it that ye shall do: One thirde parte of you which enter on the Sabbath, shall kepe the watch in the kynges house, 6 and one thyrde parte shalbe at the porte of Sur, and one thirde parte shal be at ye porte which is behynde the fote men, and ye shal kepe the watch at the house of Massa. 7 But two partes of you all that go of on the Sabbath, shal kepe the watch in the house of the LORDE aboute the kinge 8 and ye shall get you rounde aboute ye kynge and euery one with his weapen in his hande: and who so euer cometh within ye wall, let him die, so that ye be with the kinge, wha he goeth out and in. 9 And the rulers ouer the hundreds dyd all as Ioiada the prest had commauded them, and toke vnto them their men which entred vpon the Sabbath, with those that wente of on the Sabbath, and came to Ioiada ye prest. 10 And the prest gaue the captaynes speares and shyldes which had bene kynge Dauids, and were in the house of the LORDE. 11 And the fote men stode aboute the kynge, euery one with his weapen in his hande, fro the corner on the righte syde of the house vnto the corner of the lefte syde, euen vnto the altare and to the house. 12 And he broughte forth the kynges sonne, and set a crowne vpon his heade, and toke the witnes, and made him kynge, and they were glad, and clapped their handes together, and sayde: God saue the kynge. 13 And whan Athalia herde the noyse of the people that ranne rogether, she came to the people into the house of the LORDE, 14 and loked, and beholde, the kynge stode by the piler, as the vse was, and the syngers and tropettes by the kynge: and all the people of ye lode were glad, and blewe with trompettes. But Athalia rente hir clothes, & sayde: Vproure, vproure. 15 Neuertheles Ioiada ye prest commaunded ye rulers ouer hundreds, which were appointed ouer the hoost, and saide vnto them: Brynge her without the wall, and whosoeuer foloweth hir, let him dye of the swerde (for the prest had sayde, that she shulde not dye in the house of the LORDE.) 16 And they layde handes vpo her, and she wente in by the waye where the horses go in to ye kynges house, and there was she slayne. 17 Then made Ioiada a couenaunt betwene the LORDE and the kynge, and the people, yt they shulde be the people of the LORDE. Likewyse also betwixte the kynge and ye people. 18 Then wente all the people of the londe into the house of Baal, and brake downe his altares, and destroyed his ymages right well. And Mathan the prest of Baal slewe they before the altare: And the prest appoynted the officers in the house of the LORDE, 19 and toke the rulers ouer hundreds, and the captaynes, and the fote men, and all ye people of the londe, & broughte the kynge downe from the house of the LORDE, and came the waye from the porte of the fote men vnto the kynges house, and he sat vpon the kynges seate. 20 And all the people of the lode were glad, and the cite was at rest. As for Athalia, they slewe her with the swerde in ye kynges house. 21 And Ioas was seuen yeare olde, whan he was made kynge.