2 Corinthians 6

Coverdale(i) 1 We as helpers therfore exhorte you, that ye receaue not ye grace of God in vayne. 2 For he sayeth: I haue herde the in the tyme accepted, and in the daye of saluacion haue I succoured the. Beholde, now is the accepted tyme, now is the daye of saluacion. 3 Let vs geue no man occasion of euell, that oure office be not euell spoken of: 4 but in all thinges let vs behaue oure selues as the mynisters of God: in moch pacience, in troubles, in necessities, in anguysshes, 5 in strypes, in presonmentes, in vproures, in laboures, in watchinges, in fastynges, 6 in purenesse, in knowlege, in longe sufferynge, in kyndnesse, in the holy goost, in loue vnfayned, 7 in the worde of the trueth, in the power of God, by the armoure of righteousnes on the rightehande and on the lefte, 8 by honoure and dishonoure, by euell reporte and good reporte: as disceauers, & yet true: 9 as vnknowne, and yet knowne: as dyenge, and beholde, we lyue: as chastened, and not kylled: 10 as sorowynge, and yet allwaye mery: as poore, & yet make many riche: as hauynge nothinge, & yet possessynge all thinges. 11 O ye Corinthians, oure mouth is open vnto you, oure hert is made large. 12 Ye are in no straytnesse on oure behalfe: but where as ye are in straytnesse, that do ye of youre owne hertely meanynge. 13 I speake to you, as to childre, that haue like rewarde with vs. 14 Set youre selues therfore at large.Beare not a straunge yock with the vnbeleuers. For what fellishippe hath righteousnes with vnrighteousnes? What company hath lighte wt darknesse? 15 How agreeth Christ with Belial? Or what parte hath the beleuer with the infydele? 16 How acordeth ye teple of God with ymages? Ye are the temple of the lyuynge God, as sayeth God: I wyl dwell in them, and walke in them, and wyl be their God, & they shalbe my people. 17 Wherfore come out from amoge them, and separate youre selues (sayeth the LORDE) and touche no vncleane thinge, so wyl I receaue you, 18 & be youre father, & ye shalbe my sonnes and doughters, sayeth ye Allmightie LORDE.