2 Corinthians 3

Coverdale(i) 1 Begynne we then agayne to prayse or selues? Or nede we (as some other) of pistles of commedacion vnto you or letters of commedacion from you? 2 Ye are oure epistle wrytten in oure hertes: which is vnderstonde and red of all me, 3 in that ye are knowne, how that ye are ye epistle of Christ, mynistred by vs, and wrytte, not with ynke, but with the sprete of the lyuynge God: not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the hert. 4 Soch trust haue we thorow Christ to God warde, 5 not that we are sufficient of oure selues to thynke eny thinge, as of oure selues, but oure ablenesse commeth of God, 6 which hath made vs able, to be mynisters of the new Testament: not of the letter, but of the sprete. For the letter kylleth, but the sprete geueth life. 7 But yf the mynistracion yt kylleth thorow the letter, and was figured in stones, was glorious, so that the childre of Israel mighte not beholde the face of Moses, for ye clearnesse of his countenauce, (which glory neuertheles is done awaye) 8 how shal not ye mynistracion of ye sprete be moch more glorious? 9 For yf the office that preacheth damnacion be glorious, moch more doth the office that preacheth righteousnes exceade in glory. 10 For ye other parte that was glorified is nothinge glorified in respecte of this exceadinge glory. 11 For yf that which is done awaye, be glorious, moch more shal yt which remayneth, be glorious. 12 Seynge then that we haue soch trust, we vse greate boldnesse, 13 and do not as Moses, which put a vayle before his face, so that ye children of Israel mighte not se the ende of it, that is done awaye. 14 But their myndes are blynded. For vnto this daye remayneth the same coueringe vntake awaye in the olde Testament, whan they rede it, which in Christ is put awaye. 15 But euen vnto this daye whan moses is red, the vayle hangeth before their hertes: 16 Neuertheles wha they turne to the LORDE, the vayle shalbe taken awaye. 17 For the LORDE is a sprete: & where the sprete of the LORDE is, there is libertye. 18 But now the glory of ye LORDE apeareth in vs all with open face, and we are chaunged into the same ymage, from one clearnes to another, eue as of the sprete of the LORDE.