1 Timothy 2

Coverdale(i) 1 I exhorte therfore, yt aboue all thinges, prayers, supplicacions, intercessions and geuynge of thakes be had for all men 2 for kynges, and for all that are in auctorite, that we maye lyue a quyete & peaceable life in all godlynes and honestie. 3 For that is good and accepted in ye sighte of God oure Sauioure, 4 which wil haue all men saued, and to come vnto the knowlege of ye trueth. 5 For there is one God, and one mediatour betwene God and men, (namely) the man Christ Iesus, 6 which gaue him selfe a raunsome for all men, that at his tyme it shulde be preached, 7 wherevnto I am ordeyned a preacher & an Apostle (I tell ye trueth in Christ and lye not) a teacher of the Heythe in faith and in the trueth. 8 I wil therfore that men praye in all places, liftinge vp pure hades without wrath or dowtynge. 9 Likewyse also the wemen, that they araye them selues in comly apparell with shamfastnes and discrete behaueor, not with broyded heer, or golde, or perles, or costly araye: 10 but with soch as it becommeth weme that professe godlynes thorow good workes. 11 Let the woman lerne in sylece with all subieccion. 12 I suffre not a woma to teach ner to haue auctorite ouer the man, but for to be in sylence. 13 For Adam was first formed, and the Eue: 14 Adam also was not disceaued, but the woman was disceaued, and hath brought in the trasgression. 15 Notwitstondynge thorow bearynge of children she shalbe saued, yf she contynue in faith and in loue & in the sanctifyenge with discrecion.