1 Thessalonians 3

Coverdale(i) 1 Wherfore sence we coulde no longer forbeare, we thoughte it good to remayne at Athens alone, 2 & sent Timotheus oure brother and mynister of God, and oure helper in ye gospell of Christ, to stablysh you and to comforte you in youre faith, 3 that noman shulde be moued in these troubles: (for ye youre selues knowe, that we are euen appoynted there vnto. 4 And whan we were with you, we tolde you before, that we shulde suffre tribulacion, euen as it is come to passe, & as ye knowe.) 5 For this cause seynge I coulde no longer forbeare, I sent, that I mighte haue knowlege of youre faith, lest happly the tempter had tempted you, and lest oure laboure had bene in vayne. 6 But now that Timotheus is come fro you vnto vs, and hath shewed vs of youre faith and loue, & how that ye haue allwaye good remembraunce of vs, desyringe to se vs as we also longe to se you: 7 therfore brethren we haue consolacion in you in all oure trouble and necessite thorow youre faith. 8 For now are we alyue, yf ye stonde stedfast in ye LORDE. 9 For what thankes can we recompece to God agayne for you, because of this ioye that we haue concernynge you before oure God? 10 We praye exceadingly daye and nighte, that we mighte se you presently, and fulfill that which is lackynge in yor faith. 11 God himselfe or father & or LORDE Iesus Christ gyde oure iourney vnto you. 12 But the LORDE increace you, & make you flowe ouer in loue one towarde another, and towarde all men (euen as we do towarde you) 13 that yor hertes maye be stable and vnblameable in holynes before God oure father, at the commynge of oure LORDE Iesus Christ with all his sayntes.