1 Kings 19

Coverdale(i) 1 And Achab tolde Iesabel all yt Elias had done, & how he had slayne all Baals prophetes wt the swerde. 2 The sent Iesabel a messaunger vnto Elias, sayenge: The goddes do this & that vnto me, yf I tomorow aboute this tyme, make not thy soule as one of these. 3 Then was he afrayed, & gat him vp, & wente where he wolde, & came vnto Berseba in Iuda, and lefte his lad there. 4 But he him selfe wente a daies iourney in to ye wyldernes, & came in, & sat him downe vnder a Iuniper tre, & wy?shed vnto his soule yt he mighte dye, & sayde: It is now ynough LORDE, take my soule, for I am no better then my fathers. 5 And he layed him downe & slepte vnder the Iuniper tre. And beholde, ye angell touched him, & sayde vnto him: Stonde vp, and eate. 6 And he loked aboute him, & beholde, at his heade there was a bred baken on the coles, & a cruse wt water. And whan he had eaten and dronke, he layed him downe agayne to slepe. 7 And ye angell of the LORDE, came agayne the seconde tyme, & touched him, & sayde: Stonde vp, and eate, for thou hast a greate waye to go. 8 And he arose, and ate and drake, and wente on thorow the strength of that meate fortye dayes and fortye nightes, eue vnto Horeb ye mount of God: 9 and there he came to a caue, and abode there all nighte. And beholde the worde of the LORDE came to him, and sayde vnto him: What doest thou here Elias? 10 He sayde: I haue bene zelous for the LORDE God Zebaoth: for the children of Israel haue forsaken thy couenaunt, and broken downe thine altares, and slayne thy prophetes with the swerde, and I am lefte onely, & they seke to take awaye my life. 11 He sayde: Go forth, and stonde vpon the mount before the LORDE. And beholde, the LORDE wete ouer: and a greate mightie wynde, which roue the mountaynes, and brake the harde stones, came before the LORDE, but the LORDE was not in the wynde. After the wynde came there an earthquake, but the LORDE was not in the earthquake. 12 And after the earth quake there came a fyre, but the LORDE was not in the fyre. And after the fyre came there a styll softe hyssinge. 13 Whan Elias herde that, he couered his face with his cloke, and wente forth, and stode in the dore of the caue. And beholde, there came a voyce vnto him, and sayde: What hast thou here to do Elias? 14 He sayde: I haue bene zelous for the LORDE God Zebaoth: for the children of Israel haue forsake thy couenaunt, broken downe thine altares, slayne yi prophetes wt the swerde, & I onely am lefte, and they seke to take awaye my life. 15 But the LORDE sayde vnto him: Go yi waye agayne thorow the wyldernes vnto Damascon, & go in, & anoynte Hasael kynge ouer Siria, 16 & Iehu the sonne of Nimsi kynge ouer Israel, & Eliseus ye sonne of Saphat of Abel Mehola to be prophet in yi steade. 17 And it shal come to passe, yt, who so escapeth the swerde of Hasael, Iehu shall slaye him, & who so escapeth ye swerde of Iehu, Eliseus shal slaye him. 18 And I wil reserue vnto me vij.M. men in Israel: namely, all ye knees which haue not bowed the selues vnto Baal, and euery mouth yt hath not kyssed him. 19 And he departed thence, & founde Elizeus ye sonne of Saphat, plowinge wt twolue yocke of oxen before him, & he him selfe was amoge the twolue. And Elias wete vnto him, & cast his cloke vpon him. 20 And he lefte the oxen, & ranne after Elias, & sayde: Let me kysse my father & my mother, and so wil I folowe the. And he sayde vnto him: Go thy waye, & come agayne, for I haue some what to do with the. 21 And he ranne agayne from him, and toke a yock of oxen, and offred it, and sod ye flesh with the wod of the oxen plowes, and gaue it vnto the people to eate, and gat him vp, & folowed Elias, and mynistred vnto him.