1 Kings 18:14-18

Coverdale(i) 14 And thou sayest now: Go thy waye, tell thy lorde: Elias is here, that he maye slaye me. 15 Elias saide: As truly as ye LORDE Zebaoth lyueth, before whom I stode, I wil shewe my selfe vnto him this daye. 16 Then wete Abdia to mete Achab, & tolde him. And Achab wete for to mete Elias. 17 And whan Achab sawe Elias, Achab sayde vnto him: Art thou he that troublest Israel? 18 He sayde: I trouble not Israel, but it is thou and thy fathers house, because ye haue forsaken the commaundementes of the LORDE, and walke after Baal.