1 Corinthians 8

Coverdale(i) 1 As touchinge thinges offred vnto Idols we are sure yt we all haue knowlege. Knowlege puffeth a ma vp, but loue edifyeth. 2 Neuertheles yf eny ma thinke yt he knoweth eny thinge, he knoweth not yet how he oughte to knowe. 3 But yf eny man loue God, the same is knowne of him. 4 So are we sure now cocernynge the meates offred vnto Idols, that an Idoll is nothinge in the worlde, and that there is none other God but one. 5 And though there be that are called goddes, whether in heauen or in earth (as there be goddes many and lordes many) 6 yet haue we but one God, euen the father, of who are all thinges, and we in him & one LORDE Iesus Christ, by who are all thinges, and we by him. 7 But euery man hath not knowlege: for some make yet consciece ouer the Idoll, and eate it as a thinge offred vnto Idols: and so their conscience beynge weake, is defyled. 8 Neuertheles meate furthureth not vs vnto God. Yf we eate, we shal not therfore be the better: yf we eate not, we shal not therfore be the lesse. 9 But take hede that this youre liberty be not an occasion of fallynge vnto ye weake. 10 For yf eny man se the (which hast knowlege) syt at the table in the Idols house, shal not his conscience whyle it is weake, be occasioned to eate of the Idoll offeringes? 11 And so thorow thy knowlege shal the weake brother perishe, for who Christ dyed. 12 But whan ye synne so agaynst the brethren, and wounde their weake coscience, ye synne agaynst Christ. 13 Wherfore yf meate offende my brother, I wyl neuer eate flesh, lest I offende my brother.