1 Corinthians 5:7-13

Coverdale(i) 7 Pourge out therfore the olde leuen, that ye maye be new dowe, like as ye are swete bred. For we also haue an Easter lambe, which is Christ, that is offred for vs. 8 Wherfore let vs kepe Easter, not in ye olde leuen, ner in the leuen of maliciousnes, and wickednes, but in the swete bred of purenesse and of the trueth. 9 I wrote vnto you in the Epistle, that ye shulde haue nothinge to do with whoremogers, 10 & that meant I not at all of the whoremongers of this worlde, ether of the couetous, or of extorcioners, or of the that worshippe ymages, for then must ye nedes haue gone out of the worlde. 11 But now haue I wrytte vnto you, yt ye shulde haue nothinge to do with them: (Namely,) yf there be eny man that is called a brother, and is an whoremonger, or couetous, or a worshipper of ymages, ether a raylar, or a dronkarde, or an extorcioner, with soch shal ye not eate. 12 For what haue I to do to iudge them that are without? Do ye not iudge the that are within? 13 As for them that are without, God shal iudge them. Put awaye fro you him that is euell.