1 Corinthians 3

Coverdale(i) 1 And I brethren, coulde not speake vnto you as vnto spirituall, but as vnto carnall, euen as vnto babes in Christ. 2 I gaue you mylke to drynke, and not meate, for ye mighte not then awaye withall, nether maye ye yet euen now, in so moch as ye are yet fleshlye. 3 For seynge there is enuyenge, stryfe, and discencion amonge you, are ye not fleshly, & walke after ye maner of men? 4 For whan one sayeth: I holde of Paul: another, I holde of Apollo, are ye not the fleshlye? 5 What is Paul? What is Apollo? Eue mynisters are they, by whom ye are come to the beleue, and the same, acordinge as the LORDE hath geuen vnto euery man. 6 I haue planted, Apollo hath watred, but God hath geuen the increase. 7 So then nether is he that planteth, eny thinge, nether he that watreth, but God which geueth the increase. 8 As for him that planteth, and he that watreth, ye one is as the other: but yet shal euery one receaue his rewarde acordinge to his laboure. 9 For we are Gods labourers, ye are Gods hussbandry, ye are Gods buyldinge. 10 Acordinge to the grace of God which is geuen vnto me, as a wyse buylder haue I layed the foundacion, but another buyldeth theron. Yet let euery man take hede how he buyldeth theron. 11 For other foudacion can noman laye, then that which is layed, the which is Iesus Christ. 12 But yf eny man buylde vpon this foundacion, golde, syluer, precious stones, tymber, haye, stobble, 13 euerymas worke shal be shewed. For the daye of the LORDE shal declare it, which shal be shewed with fyre: and the fyre shal trye euery mas worke what it is. 14 Yf eny mans worke that he hath buylde theron, abyde, he shal receaue a rewarde: 15 Yf eny mans worke burne, he shal suffre losse: but he shal be saued himselfe, neuertheles as thorow fyre. 16 Knowe ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the sprete of God dwelleth in you? 17 Yf eny man defyle the teple of God, him shal God destroye. For the temple of God is holy, which ye are. 18 Let no ma disceaue himselfe. Yf eny man thinke himselfe wyse amoge you, let him become a foole in this worlde, that he maye be wyse. 19 For the wyssdome off this worlde is foolishnes with God. For it is wrytten: He compaseth the wyse in their craftynesse. 20 And agayne: The LORDE knoweth the thoughtes of the wyse, that they are vayne. 21 Therfore let no man reioyse in men. For all is youres, 22 whether it be Paul or Apollo, whether it be Cephas or the worlde, whether it be life or death, whether it be presente or for to come. All is youres, 23 but ye are Christes, and Christ is Gods.