1 Corinthians 16

Coverdale(i) 1 Concernynge the gadderynge that is made for the sayntes, as I haue ordeyned in the congregacions of Galacia, euen so do ye also. 2 Vpon some Sabbath daye let euery one of you put aside by him selfe, and laye vp what so euer he thinketh mete, that the colleccion be not to gather whan I come. 3 Whan I am come, whom so euer ye shal alowe by youre letters, the wyll I sende to brynge youre liberalite vnto Ierusalem. 4 Neuertheles yf it be mete that I go thither also, they shal go with me. 5 But I wil come vnto you, whan I go thorow Macedonia: for thorow Macedonia wyl I take my iourney. 6 With you peradueture wil I abyde, or els wynter, that ye maye brynge me on my waye, whither so euer I go. 7 I wyl not se you now in my passage, for I hope to abyde a whyle with you, yf the LORDE shal suffre me. 8 But I wil tary at Ephesus vntyll whitsontyde. 9 For a greate and frutefull dore is opened vnto me, and there are many aduersaries. 10 Yf Timotheus come, se that he be without feare with you, for he worketh ye worke of the, LORDE as I do. 11 Let no man therfore despyse him, but conuaye him forth in peace, that he maye come vnto me, for I loke for him with the brethren. 12 As for brother Apollo, be ye sure, that I greatly desyred him to come vnto you with the brethre. And his mynde was not at all to come at this tyme,but he wyl come wha he hath oportunyte. 13 Watch ye, stonde fast in the faith, quyte you like men, and be stronge: 14 let all youre thinges be done in loue. 15 But brethren (ye knowe the house off Stephana, that they are the first frutes in Achaia, and that they haue appoynted the selues to mynister vnto the sayntes) 16 I exhorte you to be obedient vnto soche, and to all that helpe and laboure. 17 I am glad of the comynge of Stephana and Fortunatus, and Achaicus. For loke what was lackynge vnto me on youre parte, yt haue they suppleed: 18 they haue refresshed my sprete and youres. Knowe them therfore that are soch. 19 The congregacions of Asia salute you. Aquila and Priscilla salute you moch in the LORDE, and so doth the cogregacion that is in their house. 20 All the brethren salute you. Salute ye one another with an holy kysse. 21 The salutacion of me Paul wt myne awne hande. 22 Yf eny ma loue not the LORDE Iesus Christ, the same be Anathema Maharan Matha. 23 The grace of the LORDE Iesus Christ be with you. 24 My loue be with you all in Christ Iesu. Amen.