1 Chronicles 20

Coverdale(i) 1 And whan ye yeare came aboute, what tyme as ye kynges vse to go forth, Ioab broughte the power of the hoost, & destroyed the londe of the children of Ammon, and came and layed sege vnto Rabba. But Dauid abode at Ierusalem. And Ioab smote Rabba, and brake it downe. 2 And Dauid toke their kynges crowne from his heade, and founde the weighte of a talent of golde theron, & precious stones. And it was set vpo Dauids heade. And very moch spoyle caried he out of the cite. 3 As for the people that were therin, he broughte the forth, & parted them in sunder wt sawes, & hokes & betels of yron. Thus dyd Dauid vnto all ye cities of the childre of Ammon. And Dauid departed againe, with the people vnto Ierusalem. 4 Afterwarde arose there warre at Gasar with the Philistynes. Then Sibechai ye Husathite smote Sibai, which was one of the children of Rephaim, and he subdued him. 5 And there arose warre agayne wt the Philistynes. The Elhamah ye sonne of Iair smote Lahemi ye brother of Goliath ye Gathite, whose speares staff was life a weeuers lome. 6 Afterwarde was there a battayll at Gath, where there was a man of a greate stature, yt had sixe fyngers and sixe toes, which make foure and twentye. And he was borne also of Rapha, and spake despytefully vnto Israel. 7 But Ionathas the sonne of Simea Dauids brother smote him. 8 These were the childre of Rapha at Gath, & fell thorow ye hande of Dauid, and of his seruauntes.