Psalms 74

CLV(i) 1 {Contemplating, Asaphic{ Why, O Elohim, have You cast us off permanently? Shall Your anger smolder long against the flock of Your pasture? 2 Remember Your congregation, which You acquired aforetime, Which You redeemed as the tribe of Your allotment, Mount Zion, in which You tabernacled." 3 Do raise up Your footsteps unto the permanent ruinations, All the evil the enemy has done in the Sanctuary." 4 Your foes roar within Your appointed place; They set up their ensigns as signs. 5 They hacked to pieces like men wielding upward With hatchets into a thicket of trees. 6 And now its engraved panels altogether They are battering with crowbar and bills. 7 They send up Your Sanctuary in fire; Down to the earth they profane the Tabernacle of Your Name. 8 They say in their heart, We shall tyrannize them together; They burn all the appointed places of El in the land." 9 Our signs we cannot see; There is no prophet any more, And not one of us is knowing what is still ahead." 10 How long, O Elohim, shall the foe reproach? Shall the enemy spurn Your Name permanently? 11 Why are You turning back Your hand, even Your right hand? Take it from within Your bosom and finish them." 12 Yet Elohim is my King from aforetime, Who is effecting saving works within the earth." 13 You Yourself partitioned the sea by Your strength; You broke the heads of the monsters in the waters. 14 You Yourself bruised the heads of the dragon; You gave it as food to a people, to desert-tribes." 15 You Yourself rent open spring and watercourse; You Yourself dried up the perennial streams. 16 Yours is the day; indeed Yours is the night; You Yourself established the luminary and the sun. 17 You Yourself set up all the boundaries of the earth; Summer and winter, You Yourself formed them." 18 Remember this:the enemy has reproached You, O Yahweh, And the decadent people have spurned Your Name." 19 O do not give the soul of Your turtledove to the wild animals; O do not forget the life of Your humbled ones permanently. 20 Look to Your covenant, For haunts of violence fill the dark places of the land." 21 O do not let the crushed turn away mortified; The humbled and needy, may they praise Your Name." 22 Do rise, O Elohim, do contend Your cause; Remember the reproach against You the entire day by the decadent." 23 O do not forget the voice of Your foes; The tumult of those rising against You is ascending continually. {Permanent{ {O Do Not Bring Ruin{