Psalms 112

CLV(i) 1 {Praise Yah{ Happy is the man who fears Yahweh; In His instructions he very much delights. 2 His seed shall become masterful in the land; The generation of the upright, it shall be blessed." 3 Wealth and riches are in his house, And his righteousness is standing into the future." 4 In the darkness he radiates as a light for the upright ones; He is gracious, compassionate and righteous." 5 It is good when a man is gracious and obliging; He shall sustain his affairs with right judgment. 6 Truly he shall not slip for the eon; The righteous one shall become an eonian remembrance. 7 He shall not fear an evil report; His heart is established, trusting in Yahweh." 8 His heart is stalwart; he shall not fear, Since he shall see the fate of his foes." 9 He disperses; he gives to the needy; His righteousness is standing into the future; His horn shall be exalted in glory. 10 The wicked one, he shall see and be vexed; He shall gnash his teeth and melt away. The yearning of the wicked shall perish."