Genesis 32:24-29

CLV(i) 24 And left is Jacob alone. And wrestling is a Man with him till the ascending of the dawn. 25 And seeing is he that he does not prevail against Him. Yet touching is He the palm of his thighbone. And strained is the palm of Jacob's thighbone in his wrestling with Him. 26 And saying is He to him, "Send Me away, for the dawn ascends.And saying is he, "Not letting You go am I save You bless me. 27 And saying is He to him, "What is your name?And saying is he, "Jacob. 28 And saying is He to him, "Not Jacob shall your name be called longer, but rather Israel is your name. For upright are you with the Elohim and with mortals, and are prevailing. 29 And asking is Jacob and saying, "Tell me, pray, your name.And saying is He, "Why is this that you are asking for My name?And blessing him is He there.