Deuteronomy 33

CLV(i) 1 This is the blessing with which Moses, the man of Elohim, blessed the sons of Israel before his death, 2 when he said:Yahweh came from Sinai, and He arose from Seir for them. He shone from Mount Paran, and He arrived with some from myriads of the holy ones. At His right are warriors who are His. 3 Indeed, He is cherishing the kinsmen. All the holy ones are in Your hand. And they are huddled at Your feet. Each obtains something from Your word. 4 about the law Moses enjoined on us, the tenancy of the assembly of Jacob. 5 So He became king in Yeshurun when the heads of the people gathered themselves together with the tribes of Israel. 6 Let Reuben live, let him neither die nor let his adult males come to be outnumbered. 7 This is about Judah, and he said:Hear, Yahweh, the voice of Judah, and may You bring him to his people; with his hands he contended for himself, yet may You become a help against his foes. 8 About Levi he said:May your Thummim and your Urim be for your benign man whom you probed at Massah; you contended with him at the waters of Meribah, 9 the one saying of his father and of his mother:I do not see them, and he neither recognized his brothers, nor did he know his sons. For they observed Your sayings and preserved Your covenant. 10 They shall direct Your judgments for Jacob, and Your law for Israel. They shall bring incense to Your nostrils and a holocaust on Your altar. 11 Bless, Yahweh, his estate, and the contriving of his hands may You approve. Transfix the waists of those rising up against him, and those hating him, that they may rise up no more. 12 About Benjamin he said:Let the beloved of Yahweh tabernacle in trust by Him Who is providing a canopy over him all the day, as he tabernacles between His shoulders. 13 About Joseph he said:Blessed by Yahweh be his land with the finest of the heavens, the night mist, and with water from the abyss reclining beneath, 14 with the finest of the yield from the sun, and with the finest of the growth of the months, 15 with the top yield of the mountain ranges of aforetime, and with the finest of the hills eonian, 16 with the finest of the earth and its fullness, and the approval of the One tabernacling over Sinai. Let it come onto the head of Joseph and onto the crown of the one singled out from his brothers, 17 as the firstborn of his kine brings honor to him, and his horns are the horns of the wild bull. With them he shall gore the peoples altogether, to the limits of the earth. Those are the myriads of Ephraim, and those are the thousands of Manasseh. 18 About Zebulun he said:Rejoice, Zebulun, in your going forth, and, Issachar, in your tents. 19 They shall invite their kinsmen to the mountain, and there they shall sacrifice sacrifices of righteousness; for they suck out the accumulation of the seas and the secreted treasures buried in the sand. 20 About Gad he said:Blessed be the One widening the space for Gad. As a parent lion he tabernacles and preys upon arm or scalp. 21 And he saw the first portion given to himself, for where the apportionment of the statute maker was, there gathered together the heads of the people; he will execute the justice of Yahweh, and His judgments, along with Israel. 22 About Dan he said:Dan is a lion's whelp, and he shall bound from Bashan. 23 About Naphtali he said:Naphtali, be satisfied with your acceptable portion, full of Yahweh's blessing:He shall tenant toward the lake and south. 24 About Asher he said:Most blessed of sons be Asher, and let him come to be approved by his brothers, and be dipping his foot in oil. 25 Iron and copper be your door-bolts, and as your days so shall be your leisure. 26 There is none like the El of Yeshurun:Riding the heavens as your Helper and in His augustness, the skies, 27 the habitation of Elohim aforetime. And beneath are the arms eonian. He shall drive out the enemy from your presence and shall say:Exterminate him! 28 So Israel shall tabernacle in trust; solitary is the spring of Jacob in a land of grain and grape juice. Indeed, his heavens shall trickle the night mist. 29 Happy are you, Israel! Who is like you? A people saved by Yahweh, the Shield of your Helper, Who is also the Sword of your augustness! Your enemies shall dissimulate submission to you, yet you, you shall tread on their fane heights.