Daniel 4:32-35

CLV(i) 32 From mortals are they shoving you, and with the animals of the field is your abode. Herbage will they feed to you, as oxen. Thus seven seasons shall pass on over you till you shall know that the Supreme is in authority in the kingdom of mortals and to whom He is willing He is giving it." 33 In the same hour the declaration gathered on Nebuchadnezzar:From mortals is he shoved, herbage is he eating, as oxen, and the night mist of the heavens is streaking his frame, till his hair increased as vultures' feathers and his claws are as those of birds." 34 And at the end of the days, I, Nebuchadnezzar, lifted my eyes to the heavens, and my knowledge is returning to me. Then I blessed the Supreme, and I lauded and honored Him Who is living for the eon, seeing that His jurisdiction is an eonian jurisdiction, and His kingdom is with generation after generation." 35 All abiding on the earth are reckoned as naught:According to His will is He doing in the army of the heavens and with those abiding on the earth. And no one will actually clap with his hands and say to Him, "What doest Thou?