Daniel 11:40-45

CLV(i) 40 Then, in the era of the end, gore him will the king of the southland. As a horrifying hurricane will come on him the king of the north, with chariot and cavalry and many ships. Thus he comes into the lands and overwhelms and passes." 41 When he comes into the stately land, many will stumble. Yet these are escaping from his hand:Edom and Moab and the adjacent land of the sons of Ammon." 42 He will send his hand into the lands, and the land of Egypt will not continue to have deliverance." 43 He rules by reserves of gold and silver and by all he covets from Egypt, the Libyans and the Ethiopians--reserves which are in his fastnesses." 44 Yet reports shall fluster him, from the sunrise and from the north, and forth he fares with great fury to exterminate and to doom many." 45 He will plant the tents of his regalia between the seas in the stately holy mountain. When he comes unto his end, there is no help for him."