2 Corinthians 10:13-18

CLV(i) 13 Now we shall not be boasting immeasurably, but according to the measure of our range - which measure God parts to us - to reach on as far as you also " 14 (for it is not as though, not reaching on to you, we are overstretching ourselves, for we outstrip others even as far as you in the evangel of Christ), " 15 not boasting immeasurably in others' toils, yet having the expectation, your faith growing, to be magnified among you superabundantly, " 16 according to our range, so as to bring the evangel beyond you, not to boast in another's range over that which is ready. " 17 Now he who is boasting, in the Lord let him be boasting. " 18 For not he who is commending himself is qualified, but whom the Lord is commending."