2 Chronicles 33

CLV(i) 1 A son of twelve years is Manasseh in his reigning, and fifty and five years he has reigned in Jerusalem;" 2 and he does the evil thing in the eyes of Yahweh, like the abominations of the nations that Yahweh dispossessed from the presence of the sons of Israel, 3 and he turns and builds the high places that Hezekiah his father has broken down, and raises altars for Baalim, and makes shrines, and bows himself to all the host of the heavens, and serves them. 4 And he has built altars in the house of Yahweh of which Yahweh had said, `In Jerusalem is My name to the eon.. 5 And he builds altars to all the host of the heavens in the two courts of the house of Yahweh. 6 And he has caused his sons to pass over through fire in the valley of the son of Hinnom, and observed clouds and used enchantments and witchcraft, and dealt with a familiar spirit, and a wizard; he has multiplied to do the evil thing in the eyes of Yahweh, to provoke him to anger. 7 And he places the graven image of the idol that he made in the house of Elohim, of which Elohim said unto David, and unto Solomon his son, `In this house, and in Jerusalem that I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel, I put My name to the eon, 8 and I add not to turn aside the foot of Israel from off the ground that I appointed to your fathers, only, if they watch to do all that I have commanded them--to all the law, and the statutes, and the ordinances by the hand of Moses.. 9 And Manasseh makes Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem to err, to do evil above the nations that Yahweh destroyed from the presence of the sons of Israel. 10 And Yahweh speaks unto Manasseh and unto his people, and they have not attended, 11 and Yahweh brings in against them the heads of the host that the king of Asshur has, and they capture Manasseh among the thickets, and bind him with brazen fetters, and cause him to go to Babylon. 12 And when he is in distress he has appeased the face of Yahweh his Elohim, and is humbled exceedingly before the Elohim of his fathers, 13 and prays unto Him, and He is entreated of him, and hears his supplication, and brings him back to Jerusalem, to his kingdom, and Manasseh knows that Yahweh--He [is] Elohim. 14 And after this he has built an outer wall to the city of David, on the west of Gihon, in the valley, and at the entering in at the fish-gate, and it has gone round to the tower, and he makes it exceeding high, and he puts heads of the force in all the cities of the bulwarks in Judah. 15 And he turns aside the elohims of the stranger, and the idol, out of the house of Yahweh, and all the altars that he had built in the mount of the house of Yahweh and in Jerusalem, and casts [them] to the outside of the city. 16 And he builds the altar of Yahweh, and sacrifices upon it sacrifices of peace-offerings and thank-offering, and said to Judah to serve Yahweh, Elohim of Israel;" 17 but still the people are sacrificing in high places, only--to Yahweh their Elohim. 18 And the rest of the matters of Manasseh, and his prayer unto his Elohim, and the matters of the seers, those speaking unto him in the name of Yahweh, Elohim of Israel, lo, they are [on the book of] the matters of the kings of Israel;" 19 and his prayer, and his entreaty, and all his sin, and his trespass, and the places in which he had built high places, and established the shrines and the graven images before his being humbled, lo, they are written beside the matters of Hozai. 20 And Manasseh lies with his fathers, and they bury him in his own house, and reign does Amon his son in his stead. 21 A son of twenty and two years [is] Amon in his reigning, and two years he has reigned in Jerusalem, 22 and he does the evil thing in the eyes of Yahweh, as did Manasseh his father, and to all the graven images that Manasseh his father had made has Amon sacrificed, and serves them, 23 and has not been humbled before Yahweh, like the humbling of Manasseh his father, for Amon himself has multiplied guilt. 24 And his servants conspire against him, and put him to death in his own house, 25 and the people of the land smite all those conspiring against king Amon, and the people of the land cause Josiah his son to reign in his stead.