2 Chronicles 14

CLV(i) 1 And Abijah lies with his fathers, and they bury him in the city of David, and reign does Asa his son in his stead:in his days was the land quiet ten years. 2 And Asa does that which is good, and that which is right, in the eyes of Yahweh his Elohim, 3 and turns aside the altars of the stranger, and the high places, and breaks the standing-pillars, and cuts down the shrines, 4 and said to Judah to seek Yahweh, Elohim of their fathers, and to do the law and the command;" 5 and he turns aside out of all cities of Judah the high places and the images, and the kingdom is quiet before him. 6 And he builds cities of bulwarks in Judah, for the land has quiet, and there is no war with him in these years, because Yahweh has given rest to him. 7 And he said to Judah, `Let us build these cities, and compass [them] with wall, and towers, two-leaved doors, and bars, while the land [is] before us, because we have sought Yahweh our Elohim, we have sought, and He gives rest to us round about;' and they build and prosper. 8 And there is to Asa a force bearing target and spear, out of Judah three hundred thousand, and out of Benjamin, bearing shield and treading bow, two hundred and eighty thousand:all these [are] mighty of valor. 9 And come out unto them does Zerah the Cushite with a force of a thousand thousand, and chariots three hundred, and he comes in unto Mareshah, 10 and Asa goes out before him, and they set battle in array in the valley of Zephathah at Mareshah. 11 And Asa calls unto Yahweh his Elohim, and said, `Yahweh! it is nothing with You to help, between the mighty and those who have no power; help us, O Yahweh, our Elohim, for on You we have leant, and in Your name we have come against this multitude; O Yahweh, our Elohim you [are]; let him not prevail with You--mortal man!" 12 And Yahweh smites the Cushim before Asa, and before Judah, and the Cushim flee, 13 and Asa and the people who [are] with him pursue them even to Gerar, and there fall of the Cushim, for they have no preserving, because they have been broken before Yahweh, and before His camp; and they bear away very much spoil, 14 and smite all the cities round about Gerar, for a fear of Yahweh has been upon them, and they spoil all the cities, for abundant spoil has been in them;" 15 and also tents of cattle they have smitten, and they capture sheep in abundance, and camels, and turn back to Jerusalem.