1 Corinthians 14

CLV(i) 1 Be pursuing love. Yet be zealous for spiritual endowments, yet rather that you may be prophesying." 2 For he who is speaking in a language is not speaking to men, but to God, for no one is hearing, yet in spirit he is speaking secrets." 3 Yet he who is prophesying is speaking to men for edification and consolation and comfort. 4 He who is speaking in a language is edifying himself, yet he who is prophesying is edifying the ecclesia." 5 Now I want you all to be speaking in languages, yet rather that you may be prophesying, for greater is he who is prophesying than he who is speaking in languages, outside and except he may be interpreting, that the ecclesia may be getting edification." 6 Yet now, brethren, if I should be coming to you speaking in languages, what shall I be benefiting you if ever I should not be speaking to you either in revelation, or in knowledge, or in prophecy, or in teaching? 7 Likewise, soulless things, giving a sound, whether flute or lyre, if they should not be giving a distinction to the utterances, how will the fluting or the lyre playing be known? 8 For if a trumpet, also, should be giving a dubious sound, who will be preparing for battle? 9 Thus, you also, if you should not be giving an intelligible expression through the language, how will it be known what is being spoken? For you will be speaking into the air." 10 There are perchance, so many species of sounds in the world, and nothing is soundless." 11 If, then, I should not be perceiving the import of the sound, I shall be a barbarian to the one speaking, and the one speaking a barbarian to me." 12 Thus you also, since you are zealots for spiritual endowments, seek that you may be superabounding to the edification of the ecclesia." 13 Wherefore let him who is speaking in a language, pray that he may be interpreting." 14 For if I should be praying in a language, my spirit is praying, yet my mind is unfruitful." 15 What is it, then? Should I be praying in the spirit, yet I will be praying with the mind also. In the spirit will I be playing music, yet I will be playing with the mind also." 16 Else, if you should be blessing in the spirit, how shall he who is filling up the place of a plain person be declaring "Amen!at your giving of thanks, since, in fact, he is not aware what you are saying? 17 For you, indeed, are giving thanks ideally, but the other is not edified." 18 I thank God that I speak in a language more than all of you. 19 But, in the ecclesia, do I want to speak five words with my mind, that I should be instructing others also, or ten thousand words in a language? 20 Brethren, do not become little children in disposition. But in evil be minors, yet in disposition become mature." 21 In the law it is written that, In different languages and by different lips shall I speak to this people, and neither thus will they be hearkening to Me, the Lord is saying." 22 So that languages are for a sign, not to the believers, but to the unbelievers. Yet prophecy is not for the unbelievers, but for believers." 23 If then, the whole ecclesia should be coming together in the same place, and all should be speaking in languages, yet should plain persons or unbelievers be entering, will they not be declaring that you are mad? 24 Now if all should be prophesying, yet some unbeliever or plain person be entering, he is being exposed by all, he is being examined by all." 25 The hidden things of his heart are becoming apparent, and thus, falling on his face, he will be worshiping God, reporting that God really is among you." 26 What, then, is it, brethren? Whenever you may be coming together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a revelation, has a language, has a translation. Let all occur to edification." 27 Besides, if anyone is speaking in a language, by two, or, at the most, three, and by instalments, let one also interpret." 28 Now if there should be no interpreter, let him hush in the ecclesia, yet let him speak to himself and to God." 29 Now, as to prophets, let two or three speak, and let the others discriminate." 30 Yet if it should be revealed to another sitting by, let the first hush, 31 for you can all be prophesying one by one, that all may be learning and all be consoled." 32 And the spiritual endowments of prophets are subject to the prophets. 33 For God is not for turbulence, but peace, as in all the ecclesias of the saints." 34 Let the women in the ecclesias hush, for it is not permitted to them to speak, but let them be subject, according as the law, also is saying." 35 Now, if they want to learn anything, let them be inquiring of their own husbands at home, for it is a shame for a woman to be speaking in the ecclesia." 36 Or from you came out the word of God? Or to you only did it attain? 37 If anyone is presuming to be a prophet or spiritual, let him be recognizing that what I am writing to you is a precept of the Lord." 38 Now if anyone is ignorant, let him be ignorant!" 39 So that, my brethren, be zealous to be prophesying, and the speaking in languages do not forbid." 40 Yet let all occur respectably and in order.