Song of Songs 5:9-16

  9 H1730 What is your beloved H1730 more than another beloved, H3303 O you fairest H802 among women? H1730 what is your beloved H1730 more than another beloved, H3602 that you H7650 do so charge us?
  10 H1730 My beloved H6703 is white H122 and ruddy, H1713 the chiefest H7233 among ten thousand.
  11 H7218 His head H3800 is as the most H6337 fine gold, H6977 his locks H8534 are bushy, H7838 and black H6158 as a raven.
  12 H5869 His eyes H3123 are as the eyes of doves H650 by the rivers H4325 of waters, H7364 washed H2461 with milk, H3427 and fitly set.
  13 H3895 His cheeks H6170 are as a bed H1314 of spices, H4840 as sweet H4026 flowers: H8193 his lips H7799 like lilies, H5197 dropping H5674 sweet smelling H4753 myrrh.
  14 H3027 His hands H2091 are as gold H1550 rings H4390 set H8658 with the beryl: H4578 his belly H6247 is as bright H8127 ivory H5968 overlaid H5601 with sapphires.
  15 H7785 His legs H5982 are as pillars H8336 of marble, H3245 set H134 upon sockets H6337 of fine gold: H4758 his favor H3844 is as Lebanon, H977 excellent H730 as the cedars.
  16 H2441 His mouth H4477 is most sweet: H4261 Yes, he is altogether lovely. H1730 This is my beloved, H7453 and this is my friend, H1323 O daughters H3389 of Jerusalem.