Psalms 106:40-43

  40 H639 Therefore was the wrath H3068 of the Lord H2734 kindled H5971 against his people, H8581 so much that he abhorred H5159 his own inheritance.
  41 H5414 And he gave H3027 them into the hand H1471 of the heathen; H8130 and they that hated H4910 them ruled over them.
  42 H341 Their enemies H3905 also oppressed H3665 them, and they were brought into subjection H3027 under their hand.
  43 H7227 Many H6471 times H5337 did he deliver H4784 them; but they provoked H6098 him with their counsel, H4355 and were brought low H5771 for their iniquity.