Nehemiah 3:28-30

  28 H5483 From above the horse H8179 gate H2388 repaired H3548 the priests, H376 every one H5048 over against H1004 his house.
  29 H310 After H2388 them repaired H6659 Zadok H1121 the son H564 of Immer H1004 over against his house. H310 After H2388 him repaired H8098 also Shemaiah H1121 the son H7935 of Shechaniah, H8104 the keeper H4217 of the east H8179 gate.
  30 H310 After H2388 him repaired H2608 Hananiah H1121 the son H8018 of Shelemiah, H2586 and Hanun H8345 the sixth H1121 son H6764 of Zalaph, H8145 another H4060 piece. H310 After H2388 him repaired H4918 Meshullam H1121 the son H1296 of Berechiah H5393 over against his chamber.